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Online Academy

After almost 40 years of experience in education and learner management, INFOSERV understands all too well the challenges now confronting your organization. Scheduling headaches, learner absenteeism, resource constraints, trainer availability, reporting nightmares... Our personal experience with training coupled with the cries for help from many of our corporate clients triggered the need for a turn-key solution. Welcome to the Online Academy: strategic learning and development at a click for less.

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TVET Control Centre

The TVET Control Centre ™ houses the records of all government or training institution's qualification plans and their associated units. The database also maintains candidate records who have successfully completed a unit towards achieving a National or accredited Certification. Some features include Candidate Management, Training Provider Management, Certification Management, Assessor Management.

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Assessment Engine

Our Assessment Engine provides you with the power to
- Manage Learners
- Create, Schedule & Publish Assessments
- Track results
- Prepare detailed reports
This web based tool allows 360 Assessment types, Surveys and regular Questionaire outputs and supports multiple question types.

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Career Guide

Your one-stop online guide to successful careers.
Career Guide Online is carefully crafted to provide you with a reliable assessment of how your interests relate to careers in the modern work environment.

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Compliance Management Solution (including POCA / AML courseware & monitoring)

Our Compliance Management Solution is geared towards providing access to effective training for the constantly changing staff complement. It gives the assurance that Compliance policies, procedures and their implications are fully understood at all levels. The solution manages the Compliance and related Human Resources and Training processes involved within the organization and interfaces with the respective monitoring agencies providing special reports.

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Online Orientation Organizer

The Online Orientation Organizer™ uses cutting-edge reporting, tracking and e-learning technologies to support the HR function by facilitating a business environment characterized by:
  • * No training lags
  • * Clarity of process for orientation team leaders
  • * Robust progress update and alert system
  • * Interactive social networking
  • * Reduced downtime for training
  • * Better reinforcement of learning objectives

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Electronic Voting

Our Internet Electronic voting solution offers many advantages over a paper-based electoral system, including accessibility, convenience, mobility, increase in efficiencies, greater speed and accuracy. Features include Candidate Profiles, Secured Voting, Polling & special Reporting.

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Personal Development Assessment Tools

Success with People® (SWP) is an online experience that involves behavioral assessment, self discovery, coaching and training solutions. The package includes:
  • * An online 10-module course of study
  • * The acclaimed Extended DISC® Personal Analysis behavioral assessment
  • * Learning support resources
  • * Post-course examination and certification

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