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About Us

INFOSERV Technology Solutions is the ultimate technology solutions boutique. If you are looking for a technology service provider that will work closely with you to create solutions that fit your needs this is the place.

INFOSERV Technology Solutions is respected as much for quality of its products as for its flexibility in getting clients exactly what they need. We do not take refuge in contract specifications and service level agreements. INFOSERV Technology Solutions technical capability is reflected in the range of solutions that have been developed for its client base.

The complex TVET Control Centre solution that provides front-end user support and powerful back-end controls for governmental agencies with responsibility for education and training is a tribute to persistent dedication to the identification and satisfaction of client needs.

The Online Academy is a solution that goes beyond traditional LMS solutions with it's multi-faceted, multi-layered assessment system that is linked to the e-Competency Framework 2.0. Again, the rigour and user-friendliness of INFOSERV Technology Solutions back-end administrative controls is in evidence here. At the other end of the development spectrum is the range of interactive learning and development online courses. INFOSERV Technology Solutions provides re-purposing and conversion of your existing static training materials to Dynamic interactive multi-media content. These materials may be in the form of PowerPoint, Word or PDF documents.

If you have an issue that could potentially be solved by the infusion of technology, contact us and let us work with you to produce just the solution that you need and at a cost that fits your budget. You definitely will not find a more flexible partner.

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